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Our Connection

Greetings to All creative sponsors,


Our parent company, Phanatiks Entertainment will be organizing various events and contests hosted by our webshow, Phan Media. With Phan Media, we showcase local and Indie artists as well as venues throughout the Hudson Valley. This is our outlet. Our platform for creative arts and creative culture. 


Sponsorships are welcomed for our current and upcoming events, as well as our webshow. Shawn Strong, Phanatiks Entertainment and Phan Media has a long, creative and supportive presence in the Hudson Valley for the greater part of the last 5 years or more. Your support in the form of sponsorship will be of great help for successfully organizing this event, our creative community and positive reality for us dreamers. All financial support will go towards prizes or rewards of events, marketing materials, supplies, necessary resources needed for events and essential components to better all of what we do.


We look forward to having you being an essential part of Phan Media/Phanatiks Entertainment, connecting and hearing from you.



Shawn Strong

Please feel free to contact at anytime. I look forward to hearing from you all.

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