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Music visuals for ALL vocal artists that fits YOUR budget.



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  • Singers

  • Vocalist

  • Spokenword

  • Beatboxers

  • Comedians

We know getting your art out to the world can be expensive. Especially for unsigned, Independent artists. The price of quality costs. The price of creativity in an original form can also be pricey but we know... "you get what we pay for." That's where Phanatiks Entertainment comes in. Quality driven creatives that are also artists who get it, and willing to give it back to you. That creative power. Reasonably priced visuals that tell and communicates your art and mission, creatively. Not everything has to be expensive.

The promos are for you! Book with us, set up a meeting to go over the process and concept to get started and pay in full $500 or in 2-payments of $300 (1st payment is downpayment upfront with 2nd and balance upon completion and satisfaction of your piece) for a total of $600. This is our guarantee that we know you'll love what we do for this low rate. These promo rates are starting rates for Hudson Valley Indie, unsigned artists until the end of the year. Outside the Hudson Valley, managed and signed, email us for rates.


We're story driven so lets make a movie. BOOK US NOW as this promo will last until the end of 2018.


Make your art standout from the mundane. Lets make your masterpiece!

You have nothing to lose but the creative opportunity before you!

- Shawn Strong

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