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A Phanatiks Entertainment production

Video Production 

- commercials

- music videos 

- narratives

- documentaries


Monitor promos

- menu/product slides

- businesses, organizations & events

- barbershops/salons,  deli's, shops


Editing Services

"From the lyrics of your song to the words in your mission statement. We treat it like a script to your movie. We aim to make every scene cinematic, real and make you the lead act, star, that you are."

Phanatiks Entertainment, LLC, is a digital media and video production company. Our services range from, but not limited to, music video production, commercial and narrative production to creative content. We also provide Creative Branding and Creative Resumes, including promotional services for artists, businesses and organizations. Our focus is the Hudson Valley but our digital networks and market is multifold, reachable and surpassing our target markets.

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While you'll love the end results, we love the process.