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1 Take 24

The 1 Take 24 is a creative segment for ALL vocal artists.


  • Rappers

  • Singers

  • Vocalist

  • Spokenword

  • Beatboxers

  • Comedians

You get 1 take to spit 24 bars!

1 Take 24

It’s a space for your to deliver your message in 24 bars. In 1 take. As an artist, a rapper, singer or spoken word artist, any vocal artist. Even an actor. You are todays orators. So it’s the words you speak that should move people. Should enlighten and or make people think. That’s if you can do so. Some of y’all got a flow… some swag.. or can hit some high notes and vocal control like a pro but yet to be notice. But whatever vocal gift you have. We invite you to share it. Leave us with something great. Because every letter you speak, every word, syllable, metaphor, phrase, monologue, verse, paragraph, speech and so on should be worth hearing. Every moment you get to speak, use it as an opportunity to change people with your gift. So on here on Phan Media, you get 1 take. For 24 bars.


If you had 24 bars to live, how would you live it. How will you leave us?

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